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Resident Services To Get You Going

On-Site Resident Services

Alamo Community Group provides on-site, at each of its communities, resident services that provide individuals the opportunity to take advantage of educational and asset building activities without the barriers of time and transportation.

A Learning Center with a full-time resident coordinator is located within each ACG-owned multi-family community. The Resident Coordinators facilitate enrichment activities and encourage resident participation for all age levels through organized community events. ACG pays for the cost of the Learning Center and its staff through revenue generated from the real estate.

ACG has been instrumental in the development of a defined menu of outcome measures for Learning Centers nationally, as part of The NeighborWorks® Learning Center Consortium. This program of 21 community-based nonprofit organizations that operate active Learning Centers at their properties across the United States has made the commitment to its residents to provide programs that make a difference. Not only are outcome measures defined, they are tracked quarterly and reported to the NeighborWorks® Learning Center Consortium.

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