Thompson Place, San Antonio


Charles Mouton, Western Hills Resident & ACG Resident Board Member

charles“I live at Western Hills, where the staff is courteous, attentive and cordial.  This organization is committed to the needs of the residents and they are always striving to assist the community in the highest possible manner.

I agreed to participate in ACG’s Board of Directors because it allows me as a resident to actively participate in bettering my environment. I’m able to inject real concerns and ideas.”



LaToya Williams, Castleridge Resident & ACG Resident Board Member

latoya“What I would like to share with others about our community is that it is indeed a community, linked by the Learning Center.  A Resident Coordinator first welcomed my family when we moved in; she invited us to potluck/bingo, National Night Out, the Easter Egg Hunt, and even sent my son to camp.  It’s a community like I’ve never known.  Thank you.

I was also encouraged to be a community leader and be part of the big picture, an opportunity I would not have experienced had it not been for ACG.”



Rosalinda Lopez, Western Hills Resident & ACG Resident Board Member

Rosalinda“I like to say that our community is a peaceful community.  I agreed to become a board member to help make decisions about my community and try to make things better for our residents.”