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Program Elements

A facility with a full time Resident Coordinator is provided at each ACG owned multi-family community. The Resident Coordinators utilize the Learning Centers to create a non-intimidating, inclusive environment that supports the organizations mission while reinforcing the process not the product. In addition, Resident Coordinators not only facilitate program activities but encourage resident participation and leadership through community organizing. Community organizing and on-site resident services form the foundation for relationships within communities that support the growth of tomorrow’s leaders.

Programs are consistently offered year round at all ACG Learning Centers, and fall under 4 main categories, included in these categories are Leadership Development, Pathways Youth Education, Community Wellness, and Economic Literacy.


Staffing at each ACG Activity Center consists of a full-time Resident Coordinator with a background in either the social sciences or education. Resident Coordinators serve as community organizers, group facilitators, referral agents and motivators.


The cost of operating a Learning Center on a monthly basis with a full menu of services is approximately $38 per unit. ACG pays for resident services as part of operations.


ACG works with NWA’s Multi-family Initiative in developing outcome measures that demonstrate the effectiveness of housing-based learning centers in meeting the needs of the residents.

Partnerships with other organizations

Daily service delivery is a primary function of the on-site Resident Coordinator. Volunteers throughout the community including parents and residents provide additional support for various activities.

ACG has also formed partnerships with other organizations to provide additional opportunities that otherwise might not be available such as Girl Scouts, 4H, and Junior Achievement. Resident Coordinators maintain positive relationships with local schools, teachers and counselors throughout the year. We have found that this relationship provides valuable information for both the Coordinator and the Teacher.

Green Building Initiatives

In 2010, weatherization of apartment homes at Babcock North I, Castleridge, Thompson Place and Springfield Manor occurred with the assistance of the Alamo Area Council of Governments Weatherization Program. ACG received approximately $183,874 from the city of San Antonio’s CDBG Economic Stimulus Program to implement energy efficiency upgrades.  Also in 2010, ACG created green living instructional classes to educate residents about safe alternatives such as using non-toxic cleaners in the housekeeping of their homes, water conservation, and recycling.