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3 Ways to Help You Get the Home You Have Always Wanted

Alamo Community Group is OPENING THE DOOR TO HOMEOWNERSHIP by providing people with the tools they need to be proud and responsible homeowners.

Beginning January 2015, Alamo Community Group has three ways to help homeowners and prospective homeowners get the home they have always wanted. The three programs, administered by Alamo Community Group’s Single Family Housing Division, are focused on counseling and financial assistance to qualifying homeowners and prospective homeowners.


1. New and Pre-Owned Single Family Home Sales

2. Down Payment Assistance 

3. Owner-Occupied Single Family Home Rehabilitation

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The mission of Alamo Community Group’s Single Family Housing Division is to help people get the home they want, where they can grow their future, and be a part of a great community.

Let us know how we can help you and your family.

For an updated inventory of properties and lots, to schedule a Home Buyer Education Class, or for more information, please call Alamo Community Group at 210.629.0090.

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