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Helping Families Keep Their Affordable Housing

Eviction Prevention Program

Alamo Community Group has recently developed a unique program to help families keep their affordable housing by proactively addressing issues that may affect residents’ ability to pay rent. The Eviction Prevention Program is intended to give residents effective strategies to address issues which might affect their ability to pay rent, such as loss of employment, separation/divorce, or mismanagement of income.  Unfortunately, for many families these issues typically lead to an eviction based on non-payment of rent and ACG’s goal is to provide opportunities to assist in keeping residents in place who would otherwise be faced with eviction or homelessness.

The EPP program allows residents to develop a realistic work plan with Resident Coordinators and Property Managers to ensure payment of rent.  As long as residents are in compliance with the agreed upon plan, all late fees are waived and eviction proceedings are halted. Those residents who are interested in participating in the program must also agree to attend three of the ten financial literacy classes offered on site through the Learning Center.