2nd Annual House Our Heroes 5k Run

September 15, 2014

They served, now it’s your turn. Run to HOUSE OUR HEROES.

2nd Annual House Our Heroes Run

There are plenty of reasons to run a 5K. Here’s one of the most important:

Right now, right here in our own community, there are men and women who have served our country and have no place to call home.

The 2nd Annual House Our Heroes 5K Run is to help these veterans.

Veterans face many unique challenges, and unfortunately, some may find themselves homeless. Here at Alamo Community Group, we think that anyone who has worn our Nation’s uniform deserves a safe and stable place to live. So, while we work to support and house these homeless veterans, through our House Our Heroes Program, we still need help meeting the needs of local, homeless veterans.

This year’s Platinum Title Sponsor is Pain Management Specialist Dr. Ricardo Alvarado. With Dr. Ricardo Alvarado’s sponsorship, we were able to secure other sponsors and finalize the race. The Alamo Community Group hopes to increase awareness and participation level of the growing homeless population, amongst Veterans and with your help, we will do just that. So join us and run/walk Saturday, September 27, 2014.

Now, you can run for a reason. REGISTER TODAY for the House Our Heroes 5K Run and make a difference in the life of a homeless vet!